Finding the Point of Inspiration

At Fong Brasch Design we believe that every good building has a soul. It can be found in the view from a top floor, in the play of light across a room, in the pleasure of a lush quiet garden, in the well-chosen materials that complete a beautiful home. It is that thing that makes the building breathe, makes it different from all other buildings like it, and makes living in it a delight. Our intention when we design a building is to find this soul, and bring it to life.

There are many steps required to transform an idea into a built reality. We begin the process by fully understanding the existing conditions of the jobsite. We then work to translate our Clients' wishes into a buildable form that will be stable, code-compliant and affordable. Finally, we create a set of clear and consistent drawings to guide the work of construction.

Beyond the Design Phase, Fong Brasch is often asked to help with other aspects of a project. We have been involved in facilitating the purchase or sale of properties, negotiating with Contractors, obtaining required permits, overseeing construction, specifying finishes, landscaping the surrounding areas, and even finding the right furnishings. We can provide as much or as little of this additional work as our Clients desire. Whether for a new home, a renovated a business space, or a simple garage extension, having a set of sound plans is of vital importance. Design coherence and cost control are two benefits that an appropriate well-designed set of plans will yield.

If you are planning to build, or simply need some advice from qualified designers who live in the Bay Area, please feel free to give Fong Brasch a call. We will be happy to speak with you about your ideas, or to set up an appointment to meet and discuss your project.