Fong Brasch Design has been providing residential and commercial design in Northern California for well over a decade. In this time we have designed dozens of single-family residences, and we have worked on shops, multi-family buildings, gardens, boats, play structures and interiors as well.

We do not 'buy into' the hierarchy between large and small projects, interior or shell design, building or landscape. Our experience runs from multi-million dollar homes to modest kitchen remodels, large landscaping projects to simple deck planters, complete business space transformations to small surgical shop improvements. We believe that all Design is Design, and that beauty and fine function can be achieved at any scale.

Fong Brasch Design is strongly in favor of using materials and methods that do not harm our environment. Choosing building components that contain no noxious chemicals, recycling construction debris, and avoiding wasteful practices are the ways in which we strive to work sustainably. We are fans of solar panels, effective insulation, natural daylighting and ventilation, new technologies, and proper solar orientation

Our Approach

Our Clients deserve our complete and focused attention. We always take the time to listen, ensuring that we fully understand the Clients' vision and input for the proposed project. Through ongoing collaboration and based on our Clients' desires, we develop unified designs that are personal, attractive, affordable, structurally sound, and properly built.

Regardless of the size of a project's budget, it is never wise to be wasteful. At Fong Brasch we are always finding ways to maximize the benefit and minimize the cost of a built feature, without compromising the result or quality. By remaining dedicated to this kind of budgeting throughout a project, we can produce a better building with less financial burden.

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Our Design Goals

We strive for design excellence, and will take the time to be sure that a design is right. We believe that finding the sense of place inherent in a project's site is a very important. We are vigilant when overseeing the skilful and professional execution of the plans. We believe that when all these elements are present, a fine and lasting result is inevitable.